The act of making art for me has much to do with my struggle and desire for the home. I often feel caught in between different places, primarily Korea and the United States, and I find it difficult to define what home is, because I am always moving. Wherever I go, I am present there. Home for me has become a verb: not stable and sensitive. Snails were intriguing to me because they are constantly carrying a shell, a form of architecture, their bodily home.

The slowness and vulnerability of snails are quite similar to human beings. Carl Jung stated that snails were representative of the ‘self’ in dreams. In psychology, the soft insides are similar to the subconscious, as the shell might represent the conscious. Snails to me represent an inner battle within people of this contemporary society. Because we live in an incredibly fast paced culture that encourage and require people to have confidence and strength, there is seldom any room for failure and doubt, even though these are essential elements in life and absolutely necessary for growth. Through the subject of the snail, I try to grasp and come into terms with these questions of existence and to find refuge from these societal standards. I desire to find a form of release and emancipation from these pressures by making the snail as the subject of my work. It is through the detachment of seeing people personified as snails that I desire to inspire people to be more self-aware, to pause and reflect. The snail also represents a specific time and place- they are not seen in cities very often because of the pollution. Snails then create nostalgia for a segment of our life when we did see them in the ground. The snail therefore, gives us an opportunity to reflect about the past and about our inner selves. Also, for me to create work about snails and to make what has become quite invisible to be visible is to create a safe space for the invisible parts of ourselves to find a safe haven. A safe place for these fragile lives to be seen, remembered and finally, healed and overcome. This is the reason that I take what is vulnerable and make them as invulnerable, and what is slow to be incredibly fast, swift and free in its movement.